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Biologie et Génétique
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The joint research unit "Biology and genetics of plant-pathogen interactions" (BGPI) aims at studying plant diseases with the goal of proposing rational control methods. The researchers of BGPI unit work on viruses, bacteria and fungi (including quarantine organisms) that are pathogenic to temperate and tropical plants. Population dynamics of emerging diseases, mechanisms of pathogenicity and plant resistance are the main investigated domains. Knowledge transfer for quarantine management of genetics resources is also a strong component of our activities.


Characterization of pathogens and mechanisms of pathogenicity
Evolutionary biology of plant pathogens
Characterization of plant resistance mechanisms
Study of transmission mechanisms of diseases vectored by insects
Modeling of epidemics
These multidisciplinary approaches are developed on research objects that are either theoretical models or diseases causing significant losses in Mediterranean and tropical agrosystems.

The unit is conducting studies on vector-pathogen-plantinteractions at different scales from molecule to the individual for mechanisms, at the population scale for the study of the biology and genetics of plant pathogen populations, and at the regional level for the analysis of epidemics. The work is carried out on a large number of pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi) and plants (banana, sugarcane, cocoa, yam, riz, wheat, stone fruit trees...). The unit directly implements its research results in quarantine and in the development of diagnostic tools.

Organizational chart of the unit
asques et ascospores de Magnaporthe orizae - copyright : JL Notteghem spores Magnaporthe oryzae - copyright : JL Notteghem bactéries Xanthomonas pseudoalbilineans (gauche) et Xanthomonas albilineans (droite). Les deux produisent l'antibiotique albicidine (structure en haut de la photo - copyright : S. Cociancich/A. Mainz
  champignon Magnaporthe (vert) en train d'attaquer une feuille de riz - copyright : A. Delteil/JB Morel test d'anticorps sur puceron (Mysus persicae) - copyright : MS Vernerey/M. van Munster/M. Uzest